Despaminator читает старые газеты.

Грустная и трогательная статья, посвященная концу СССР.

Советское Государство, Рожденное Мечтой, Умирает.

Очень хорошо сказано, о народе, который достиг высот культуры и научной мысли, вопреки коммунистам, которые использовали лишь малую часть его потенциала: 

...And yet the Soviet Union was also an indisputable superpower, a state and a people that achieved epic feats in science, warfare, even culture.

Perhaps all this was achieved despite Communism, not because of it. Yet by some combination of force and inspiration, the system begun by Lenin and carried out by Stalin unleashed a potent national energy that made possible the rapid industrialization of the 1930's, the defeat of Nazi Germany in the 1940's, the launching of the first Sputnik in the 1950's, the creation of a nuclear arsenal in the 1960's and 1970's.... 


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