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Симптомы пандемии 1918 года

Историческое исследование проведенное по материалам газет TNYT и Stars and Stripes (газета экспедиционного корпуса США) тех лет, относительно борьбы с эпидемией в армии и на флоте на территории США.
Интересно, что симптомы Испанки близки к современной Короне. Пики пандемии в США были весной и осенью 1918 года. Напомню, 1917 -год перезагрузки в США.

There were symptoms that were added to the list of
original symptoms during this period. On top of acquiring a sore throat, headache, chills
and a fever, many also were dizzy, vomiting, had labored breathing and sweated
profusely. Sometimes people got purple blisters on their skin because of oxygen
depletion, many spit up yellow-green pus and often times their lungs looked like “melted
red currant jelly.”

The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and Its Effects on the United States Military By Jennifer George, 2015

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